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Best show of 2010: Community

I wasn't immediately sold on Community. I watched the first episode or two, but it didn't grab me and I ignored it. Then a few months ago I saw the paintball episode ("Modern Warfare") and it all finally clicked. It's certainly the most consistent of NBC's Thursday night line-up, as I can't think of a single episode that is flat-out bad. It has the best ensemble cast since Arrested Development, and unlike a lot of comedies it spends lots of time developing the characters and putting them in different combinations to let them play off each other. It can also get away with much more bizarre plots than most shows. In fact, I would compare it to the first few seasons of The Simpsons. Some people might be turned off by the meta humor that it frequently indulges in (mostly provided by Abed, who for my money is the best character on TV right now), but I like that. Anyways, if you're already watching 30 Rock and The Office, you'd be loathe to not tune in a half hour earlier to catch this.

Runner-up: The Venture Brothers, which despite having its season split in two with a long hiatus in between, was as amazing as ever. The one-hour season finale was nothing short of a work of art.

Best new show: The Walking Dead

AMC has an outstanding track record of original shows (Mad Men, Breaking Bad), so when it was announced that they were doing a series based on the zombie survival comic The Walking Dead, everyone had very high expectations. Boy, did they ever deliver. The first episode was fraught with some incredibly tense scenes, and it hooked me immediately. Some of the subsequent episodes have been a little more uneven, but overall it's still excellent. Of course, this season is frustratingly short with only six episodes (the last of which airs this Sunday), and it's going to be agonizing waiting until next year to have certain storylines resolved (what happened to Merle?), but I'm just glad it got renewed. One of the weak points of the show, IMO, has been the writing, but it was revealed this week that the entire writing staff had been fired, so it will be interesting to see what they do next year.

Runner-up: Justified. US Marshall Raylan Givens is one of the most badass characters on TV, and although this first season sagged a bit in the middle when it strayed from the main story arc, we were rewarded with an absolutely electrifying last few episodes. Can't wait for the second season.

Worst new show: Outsourced

Racist, xenophobic, and full of idiotic, stereotypical jokes. "Haha, these crazy brown people are different from us!" Not to mention the fact that in this recession, I doubt people want to watch a show about how all their jobs are getting shipped off to India. I don't know how people can watch this garbage, and I'm even more pissed off that it's on instead of the increasingly great Parks and Recreation.
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