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Part 5:

46.) Levi/Werstler- Avalanche Of Worms

Instrumental Progressive Metal featuring members of Daath and Sen Reinhert of Cynic. Now that's a great combination! This is a phenomenal instrumental album. It has so many dynamics and emotions covered throughout. While Levi and Werstler are both of the band Daath, this is so much better. Reinhert is mindblowing on this album. It is always a pleasure to hear him drum. From the looks of it this may be just a one time studio only band, but if that is the case, they really did put their heart and soul into probably the best album they will be apart of *excluding Reinhert who only gets better with age*.


47.) Oceansize- Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up

Oceansize has always been a band to me that can stay Alternative/Progressive Rock, and never get boring. The new album proves that. The album explodes from Heavy almost metal tunes to slow ballady post rock, and all things in between. The one complaint I do got to give about Oceansize is that they have yet to make their masterpiece. They always get so close, but never quite get past the bar. I still have hope for these guys to accomplish that...also to tour the US once again. For something completely different, check this album out!


48.) Atheist- Jupiter

Had this album featured Tony Choy's bass playing, and what was suppose to include a cover of Rush's YYZ, this would have been in my top 3 of 2010. The lack of those two things made this album drop quite a lot. That's not to say this isn't a great album. But it does lack a lot. Production wise, picture ...And Justice For All, if it was made in 2010...very little bass. Everything else on the album is stellar, especially Steve Flynn's superior drumming. Regardless, This will probably end up in the upper half of my list, but sadly, not very far. I got my hopes way too high up.


49.) Nachtmystium- Addicts Black Meddle Pt II

One of the most fucked up albums, in a good way, of 2010. Psychedelic Black Metal. Whenever it gets super heavy, it gets super poppy. They have always been known to push the envelope genre wise, and this album is no different. Nachtmystium is one of those bands that I've always dug, but never quite invested enough time into. This album changed that and I really do love them now because of it. I hope they keep going "out there" with their future releases. It's what they do best.


50.) Triptykon- Eparistera Daimones

One of the best Extreme Metal albums ever put out. Tom G. Warrior put out his best work this year with Eparistera Daimones. Every song hits a different spot in the term of the genre Extreme Metal. A Thousand Lies wins the award for the most Brutal song ever created. There's not much else that needs to be said other then if you want pure Evil Metal, get this album!!!


51.) Flotsam And Jetsam- The Cold

Oddly enough this album was released on Head's *Ex Korn guitarist* album label. But it doesn't make the album any less heavy or thrashy. I do consider The Cold to be standard Flotsam And Jetsam without deviating from the norm. Fast songs, heavy songs, a ballad or two, the hit single that never made it onto radio, etc. But all while having a Modern sound to it. Fans of Classic Thrash will appreciate this album. Nothing extraordinary on it, but a great listen none the less.


52.) Jeremy Messersmith- The Reluctant Graveyard

Those longing for the sounds of 60's pop music made in 2010, this is your album. Jeremy Messersmith is a local Twin Cities musician that really captured my attention this year. While this album that that distinct classic Pop/Rock sound from yesteryear, there is that tinge of darkness surrounding the album which makes for some great storytelling. Those will to take a chance with some poppier, but enjoyable pop rock. Get this album. Again, coming from a Prog guy, that says a lot.


53.) Haken- Aquarius

Haha, in speaking of Prog. This has gotta be one of the most refreshing Progressive Metal albums I have heard in a LONG time. Prog that is not ripping of Dream Theater nor Meshuggah at every chance. They take everything good from every Prog and Metal and a damn near perfect Progressive Metal album. While the stereotypes of Prog are all over this album, that is in no way a bad thing. When these guys make their 2nd album, that will be be the day people may just start saying Dream Who?


54.) Pain Of Salvation- Road Salt (Part One)

This is the most frustrating album for me this year. I want to like it, but it is so damn different, in a ripoff way. Pain Of Salvation was the underground's underground Progressive Metal band, that went. Then they made Scarsick, while I still dig that album is completely out there in making Modern Metal. Road Salt on the other's Led Zepplin to a T. I really want to believe Road Salt Part Two will have a bit more creativity left, but this album made me reinforced my theory that every band has a point in their career where they peak. If you dig classic Rock, get this album, but if you were a fan of POS's old days, you'll either love or hate this album. I'm still torn.


55.) Zach Hill- Face Tat

Replace the phrases, Pain Of Salvation, Progressive Metal, and Classic Rock; with Zach Hill, Math Rock, and you can almost make the same argument. Zach Hill is still the most insane single bass/single pedal drummer out there, but this album is so damn simple I could play along with it the first time I heard it. I don't want that from Zach Hill. The songs are actually pretty good, unlike Road Salt, but still very disappointing, but again, you can make the argument that every artist has to change to stay fresh. I guess this is Zach Hill's take on that.


56.) Emanuel And The Fear- Listen

Another one of the Alternative/Folk Rock bands that I discovered this year. These guys wrote 19 completely different songs on this album and a damn good job of it as well. Believe it or not, Jeff Gretz, drummer of the band ZAO, is the drummer of Emanuel And The Fear. Everyone has to have their different outlets. There are some minor production problems with this album. One example is when you can hear the vocalists swallow between lyrics in some songs, which does get a tad annoying if you're paying attention to it. But regardless, this is one of the best alternative albums of the year. The River Empires still wins for me as the best, but this takes the silver medal.


57.) Disturbed- Asylum

I'll never be completely sold on Disturbed, but I do gotta admit, their ability as musicians and songwriters only get better and better. While I do agree with others who have said this album does feel like one long song, but to me, it's a better song then OHHH WAHH AHHAHH AHHHHH. As least they are trying to keep somewhat every and rockin. Which can't be said of a lot of hard rock bands now a days.


58.) Dillinger Escape Plan- Option Paralysis

Without a doubt, this is their magnum opus. They did it right with this album. The perfect blend of what they are known for made in one album. The only regret about this album is that Chris Pennie is not apart of the band while they achieved their possible highest peak. I am very curious to see where DEP will go from here. But as of now, bask in their glory of Option Paralysis. They earned it.


59.) 65daysofstatic- We Were Exploding Anyway

Another band that completely changed their sound, except in the case, maybe for the worst. What made me really dig these guys with the mix of Post Rock and Electronica. All the Post Rock is completely gone from these guys. While if I was into Electronic, these guys would be my favorite band. But alas, I'm really not. It's the same reason I can't stand Muse anymore. This will probably get them bigger exposure, but for me, they lost me.


60.) Bad Religion- The Dissent Of Man

I was shocked by the amount of hate for the last album, New Maps Of Hell. To me, that is their best album. it was almost hardcore punk and Heavy metal. The Dissent Of Man goes back to the classic days of Bad Religion. Bad Religion is by far my favorite punk band, so I'm not disappointed at all. They keep the spirit alive that Punk music is not bands like Blink 182 or Simple Plan, and that those bands sucks! The Dissent Of Man is a phenomenal album that while poppier then New Maps Of Hell, it's very refreshing and awesome all the way through.


*Not too many albums left, check out part 6 coming within 24 hours*
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