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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Yeah I think what got me also was in interviews they raved about how heavy this cd was going to be and how with Clint back they were getting back to their old style. At 1st listen it was way more like the last cd than Alpha or Seasons so I wrote it off immediately. I agree Splinter rocks and so does Inside from teh previous album. I just wish both had more songs like that. This one had a few chunkier riffs I'll give it that.

It's funny when I saw Chris Pennie I had to do a double take because I'm good friends with Chris Pernia from Pessimist and he was telling me about some new side project he was working on. I was hoping that was him.
That I do gotta agree with. They haven't been the same since Seasons. And I must agree Face To Face is one of, if not their best song. I guess without listening to FM radio much anymore I don't realize the mainstream much anymore. The more I look into it the more I do see Sevendust apart of it.

I didn't know Chris Pernia had a new project. I'll have to keep my open for that.
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