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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Part 4:

41.) Sevendust- Cold Dead Memory

Sevendust has that thing about them that either makes for a killer album or a shitty album. They kept it all killer and no filler on this album. They took all the best parts of what they are known for and converted it into 12 songs. It does make me feel bad they are have only been doing shitty tours lately, or headlining over shitty bands. These guys deserve so much more. Maybe sometime after the Music As A Weapon tour, they will get some killer tours going. This album deserved better promotion.

*This was a short one, heading out to band practice, I'll be back with more tonight*
It took 41 cd's for us to totally disagree. Not bad at all. I consider myself a HUGE 7dust fan and I personally hate the whiny and wimpy turn they've taken. The lyrics to Unraveling are polar opposite to the lyrics of Face to Face, their best song in my not-so-humble opinion. It's all about him being heartbroken and not being able to cope. I remember seeing them live and so many girls were singing along to that horrific song then they just stood there baffled during Face to Face. That spoke volumes to me. I like maybe 2 songs off eacjh of their last 2 cd's. They've gone way commercial and I'm done buying their cd's. Will definitely see them live though.
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