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Originally Posted by darkguardian50 View Post
Irony is an awesome thing.

Great set. And the Story Ends is imo a better song than ATTWS. ATTWS is ok but there are about a dozen other BG songs I like more and considering its length you can get two great songs for the price of that one.

At least BG is changing their set every night, something I can't say for some other bands. I don't think they have had a duplicate set so far this tour.
Well, make no mistake - I don't think what they're doing is a bad set by any stretch of the imagination. My point was mostly that US audiences are generally the sort who will go to shows, expecting to hear every "staple"/"hit"/"classic" a band has, with very low tolerance for anything different. If they don't get what they want, they whine and do stupid things like boo and throw beer at the stage.

I've just noticed that often times when European bands come to America, they dumb down their setlists - laying off of rotation, and sticking much more closely to the aforementioned staples/hits/classics. Saxon in 2009 was the biggest case of this I've ever seen. Still an incredible show, but seriously.
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