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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
some will probably disagree with me, but i really hope they keep War of Wrath/Into The Storm as the opener for the rest of the tour. Into The Storm should be a staple imo.
IMO, this band needs less staples, not more. The thing that I think brings them down the most is that half their set is staples. For a band that only tours once every 4 years, has 9 albums, and only plays 15 songs per show - that's NOT very good.

Mirror Mirror, Nightfall, Imaginations, and The Bard's Song, are IMO the only songs BG should play all the time. They do a good job of rotating so I don't wanna bitch up a storm here, but I definitely think less staples would help. Then again, they did do that for Europe. But like most bands, they (rightfully) assume the US is full of whiny fans who only want the same songs over and over again - which is why this set wound up looking FREAKISHLY like the 2006 set, with new songs in it.
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