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Blind Guardian -- Winnipeg, Manitoba -- December 1st, 2010

1. War of Wrath
2. Into the Storm
3. Welcome to Dying
4. Born In a Mourning Hall
5. Nightfall
6. Fly
7. Time Stands Still
8. Banish From Sanctuary
9. Bright Eyes
10. Lord of the Rings
11. Voice in the Dark
12. And the Story Ends
13. Wheel of Time
14. The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
15. Valhalla
16. Mirror Mirror

Great show, BUT...I had seen that they performed And Then There Was Silence previously on this tour. Crushed isn't the word to describe how I felt when I heard they were finishing with And the Story Ends. They could have thrown a dart at their discography and come up with a better finisher than this mid-tempo snoozer.

Luckily Wheel of Time snapped me back; those last 4 are a hell of an encore. And I could watch Andre play guitar all night...which is kinda what I did.
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