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Part 4:

41.) Sevendust- Cold Dead Memory

Sevendust has that thing about them that either makes for a killer album or a shitty album. They kept it all killer and no filler on this album. They took all the best parts of what they are known for and converted it into 12 songs. It does make me feel bad they are have only been doing shitty tours lately, or headlining over shitty bands. These guys deserve so much more. Maybe sometime after the Music As A Weapon tour, they will get some killer tours going. This album deserved better promotion.


42.) Return To Earth- Automata

To anyone scared that drummer, Chris Pennie wouldn't never showcase his chops again can no longer worry. Return To earth covers all the bases of what Pennie is known for. Think of Return to Earth as the more Rock oriented version of Dillinger Escape Plan. Just as heavy and technical, not as much hardcore screaming. It is refreshing to hear an album so varied. It feels like this is the album Dillinger would have made if Chris Pennie was still in the band. Not to say Ire Works nor Option paralysis weren't stellar. Check this one out!


43.) Cee Lo Green- The Lady Killer

Say what you want about the guy, he did make one of the best singles, Fuck You, of any genre in 2010. I was originally going to avoid this album and play him off as a one hit wonder *which is still very possible will happen* but this album is absolutely amazing from start to finish. The rest of the album is nothing like Fuck You. It actually features....get this....real instruments! Something unheard of in today's non-rock mainstream music. Besides the single, this is a real Soul/Funk/R&B album, they way it should be done. I can appreciate any style of music that features real instrumentation and good songwriting. This album has that. If you can appreciate non-Rock music, please check this out. Coming from a Prog guy, that says a lot.


44.) White Wizzard- Over The Top

Another band of the resurgence of Classic Metal. And they do it damn well. Picking right up where Judas Priest left off. I have a good feeling White Wizzard will be a band that stays in the underground, unless they get picked up to open for Maiden or Priest i 2011, but their music is definitely a style that can appreciated by Metal fans young and old. PIck this one up if you aspire to relive the old days of Metal in 2010.


45.) In This Moment- A Star-Crossed Wasteland

I've always had a thing for this band since I first heard Daddy's Falling Angel. Besides Maria Brink being the hottest chick in Metal *don't even debate the issue,* She does have some killer Metal pipes when she wants to use them. The last album, The Dream was a huge letdown to me besides The Great Divide. A Star-Crossed Wasteland brings back The Metal of Beautiful Tragedy, and the accessibility of The Dream. Which I find to be a great mix. I do have a hard time getting into female fronted bands, it's not because of any sexism or anything like that. It's usually just because especially in the Gothic Metal scene, they are just their for eye candy and don't fit the mold of what style they are playing. In This Moment has both eye candy and great songs. Simple as that.


*This was a short one, heading out to band practice, I'll be back with more tonight*
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