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Arsis -- Trenton, NJ -- December 1st, 2010

First night of the tour, but every band were very tight in their playing. Talked to James before the show; such a cool guy every time I see them. He's so happy to see people enjoy his music.

Made it for the last 2 or so songs for Conducting From the Grave, so, I don't know the setlist for them. Not a very good band, in my opinion, another breakdown heavy deathcore band.

Powerglove, however, was up next, and was amazing. It was a small place so they didn't get that big of a set.

They opened with a bit of Terra's theme from FFVI and went into
Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man
Power Rangers
Mario Minor

They asked the crowd which they'd want to see more, Pokemon, or Power Rangers and on their setlist that I caught, it said they could've played Transformers instead of Batman.

And next, was Arsis
Diamond for Disease (in full)
We Are the Nightmare
Forced to Rock
A March for the Sick
Worship Depraved
The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
The Promise of Never
Hopeless Truth
Face of My Innocence

They played Diamond for Disease the first time in full live, and it was magnificent. Wasn't 100 percent perfect, but James even said, hey, I'll probably screw it up. In his defense, he only did once or twice, more than one would expect for the first time live.
They were going off stage when everyone shouted one more song, and the owner of the bar told them to play one more and they came back and played Return.
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