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They should respect fans more!!!

THis show was great!!! Definitely a better set list then the second night! For some reason the band hated the crowd on Tuesday night though! I guess it wasn't crazy enough. Night #2 the crowd was crazy. My guess is all the tickets for night were $63. But because of low sales for night #2 they dropped the price to $20. (I picked up mine for $20). So all the people who can afford $63 are more mellow because they have jobs and are older while the $20 crowd was younger and more crazy. The band even insulted last night's crowd tonight! Which is kind of rude because they're the ones that bought tickets for first night for full price. Hey were near are forties now just like them and maybe we don't want to slam dance like we did when we were 20!! Anyway first night's setlist was much stronger!
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