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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Part 3....The Next Part:

26.) Mutiny Within- Mutiny Within

I love these guys just as much as when I first discovered them back in January. The perfect blend of Modern Metal, Megadeth, and Dream Theater. Although it is sad to hear that Bill Fore is no longer drumming for the band which cost them touring for the rest fo this year *To some here, that is a good thing* I'll continue to support these guys. The only thing that does bug me about this album is the lack of endings. Over half the album ends in fades. Which is ok on a couple songs, but not over half the album. Other then that, I can't recommend this enough for a Prog Metal fan. If Mutiny Within is the future of Progressive Metal...we are in good hands.


27.) Hellish Crossfire- Bloodrust Scythe

This is the other great band carrying on the tradition of great Death *the band* inspired Metal. Pure Death Thrash, even more so then Hail of Bullets *as mentioned in post 1*. If you dig the early days of Death but with a sense of Classic Metal. This is one hell of an album to get. I understand they won't be big enough to tour the states anytime soon, but they kick so much ass, maybe if I can help rally these guys, they can afford a US tour.


28.) Coheed And Cambria- Year Of The Black Rainbow

I'll go on record saying this is my favorite album of C&C. Not to say the last two albums haven't been killer, but Year Of The Black Rainbow has all the right elements to me. More focused structure, killer drumming from one of my idols, Chris Pennie, and not nearly as annoying high pitched "Hey, I wanna be Geddy Lee" vocals. I'm still not sold on C&C as a whole, but now with their story being completed I'm now actually interested to where they go next.


29.) Alter Bridge- AB III

I'm the only one of my friends that can actually appreciate Alter Bridge. Creed fucking sucks, but Alter Bridge is fucking amazing! They never fail to impress me. AB III is easily their strongest album. Their heavy songs are perfect and their ballads bring out the right kind of emotion. I would give anything for Creed to be done completely just so 100% of their time can be focused to Alter Bridge. One of the best Hard Rock albums this year. If you want real Hard Rock, or if you want the musicians of Creed without the Douche, Scott Strapp, but this album!


30.) Malevolent Creation- Invidious Dominion

This is another band that, as much as I appreciate what they do and how they can play, I just never really got into. They are a legendary Death Metal band that always puts out solid releases. Just to me, they don't stand out much. Invidious Dominion is absolutely a solid album. but after a while it does start to feel all the same. But then again, Death Metal of their ear does do that from time to time. Overall, if you are a real Death metal fan, you'll probably dig this album a lot.


31.) Periphery- Periphery

Periphery, Love That Shit! One of my top 5 albums of the year. Every song kicks equally the same amount of ass. And while they get a lot of shit for being a Djent band, and even more so, the clean vocals from Spencer Sotelo; I find everything they do to be spot on and damn perfect. My only regret about Periphery is that they have yet to come here to tour. I hope that will change in 2011 when they support their new album and EP. Progressive Metal with tinges of Djent, Meshuggah, Dream Theater and Modern Metal, that's my kinda band!


32.) Ihsahn- After

I'm torn between After and one other album I have yet to review as my favorite album of 2010. It just may end up being after with how many spins I've given this album this year. Ihashn's best decision he ever made was to continue on solo. Not that I don't love Emperor, and consider them the greatest Black Metal band to ever exist. But After is easily the best album he's ever been apart of. Progressive, a tad bit Black Metal, Light, Heavy, Saxaphone...fuck, it's IHASHN!!! To anyone who has held back hearing this album. Buy this album NOW!!!


33.) The River Empires- The River Empires Volume 1 and 2

This double disc album is my favorite non-metal release of 2010. This album is easily not for everyone. Alternative Rock, meets Folk Rock and a tad bit of Post Rock. The River Empires is that refreshing band that needs to be heard in the midst of all the shit bands that they will get associated with that started around the same time they did. While they will be in the underground for a long time coming still, I hope they will get discovered more. They honestly deserve it.


34.) Averse- The Endesque Chants

Progressive Metal meets Orchestral movements, Partial Death Metal, and Post Rock/Metal. A good way to describe them is if Godspeed You! Black Emperor added singing and stared adding Metal to their resume. 3 of the 6 songs on this album are over 17 minutes long, 2 acoustic 3 minute songs, and *on this album, short* 6 minute Title track. This album has everything that a non-mainstream, but non-hipster music fan would want. This will be one of the best, but overlooked albums of the year. While it didn't fall on my top 20 list yet. With more listens. It just might.


35.) Abigail Williams- In The Absence Of Light

Holy fuck did these guys change. From overly Symphonic Black Metal to straight up Black Metal. Abigail Williams is finally the right kind of badass. They are also really cool guys to hang out with. *to anyone who read my review of Nevermore on Halloween, it turns out the band I was talking about was Abigail Williams and not Warbringer* If Emperor were to have continued on and got some good production for once, this is the album I would have imagined they made.


36.) Overkill- Ironbound

I dare say that this is the best Thrash Metal album of 2010. For once in my time of knowing Overkill, they got an album right from start to finish. Every song is just simply killer. Heavy, Thrashy, Relentless. Just everything you would want to hear in a Thrash Metal album. Bobby Blitz and have made your materpiece!


37.) All That Remains- For We Are Many

As I've described before. This is the album all the teenage hipster Goth kids hanging out at the Attitude Bunny section of Hot Topic have been waiting for. I can't say that I'm disappointed in the album since I had a good feeling they were going this way ever since they got success from having Six on Guitar Hero II. It still is heavy, but then again Overcome was too and look what happened. Long gone are the days of Their early days and you can either embrace their more accessible, mainstream side, or blow them off. I'll do what I can to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I only can hold on for so long. *haha, see what I did there....cues the Fry from Futurama pic*


38.) Black Label Society- Order Of The Black

Without a shadow of a doubt that this is the best BLS album ever made. But alas, like A7X's Nightmare, it suffers from way too many ballads. The heavy songs do make up for it. Many early on considered this the album of 2010. They are not far off, at least in the Hard Rock world. Maybe Zakk needs to stay sober to keep up this great songwriting.


39.) Seven Kingdoms- Seven Kingdoms

Easily better in the studio then live. After seeing these guys last night. while their singer is a smoking hot chick, she has the mentality of a Miss USA pageant contestant. The other guys in the band are very skilled at what they do, although I do believe they had an off night last night. Maybe I should take that with a grain of Salt. The album however is actually pretty damn good. A good mix of Progressive and Power Metal. While there are better bands out there, These guys are worth checking out, and not just pictures of the lead singer.


40.) Acid Tiger- Acid Tiger

The Side project of Converge drummer, Ben Koller. This album can be described perfectly as if Converge started making 60's style Psychedelic and 70's Punk over Koller's mindblowing drumming. *Just check out the drum solo in Big Beat.* If your looking for a version of Converge that isn't nearly as hardcore insane as Converge, this is the album to get. All the awesomeness that is converge with a Bluesy Punk Metal tinge.


*That's it for now, I might do more later tonight, if not tomorrow.
Damn Dude, this post might be my favorite of 2010. Cool thread overall and I can't disagree with anything you've said so far but this particular post is spot on. I'm not much of a BLS fan but can see why people like them, other than that I would agree totally with everything on here. I'd take Mutiny Within or Periphery over Avantasia anyday. Just my personal preference. And Hellish Crossfire might only be on a few lists this year but definitely belongs in the Top 20.
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