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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
If you liked "Spiral Shadow", you really need to check out 2009's "Static Tensions" - it's a far superior album in my opinion. Having said this, I also liked "Spiral Shadow" a great deal, would rate it as their second best album to date, and would have given it much higher than a 6 (but that's just my opinion - I probably like sludge a lot more than you do).

I had never thought of Bison as a Mastodon rip-off band. I've always told people they sound a lot like High on Fire, though (because to me they do). I also think Dark Ages is a pretty damn good album.
I really couldn't get into Static Tensions for some reason. I like Scapegoat, but the rest of the album didn't catch me. I will give it another shot soon. Maybe now that I'm into Spiral Shadow, I can't get back into it.

Anywhere else I go, anytime I bring up Bison B.C., they always claim they ripped off Mastodon. I don't get it either.

Originally Posted by zgodt View Post

In other news, I dig this thread. As a person woefully undereducated about the state of new metal releases in 2010, I can treat these lists like tasting menus.

NP: "Klagenstuck" by Judgment Day.
Thanks man. I'm glad you're digging Judgement Day.

Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
NOTE TO MODS: Posts #4 and #5 are duplicates (probably accidental).

Part 3 will be coming tonight after I watch the finale of Sons Of Anarchy.
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