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all three tour bands get a 10/10! first, black anvil fired off five of their energy-packed salvoes. then goatwhote continued the FUNishment with their set which was, for my ear, tight as fuck. then watain...assaulting all the senses! (finally had a documented case of spontaneous vomiting in the crowd "to add to the joy of the evening"...but who would have noticed with the ambient aroma?) erik was unquestionably in another dimension on stage: his doing vocals without having to focus on playing guitar or bass surely helps him on his satanic journey. for the blood aficionados, move to the middle or away from it for "the devil's blood." "total funeral" was my favorite and, indeed, the entire ritual allowed only the christian heart and "fags" (as ben of goatwhore called them) to wander. i end as they did: hail satan!

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