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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
12.) Kylesa- Spiral Shadow

Even though there are two drummers in this band and one of the hottest chicks in Metal. I'm not really into these guys much in the past. But Spiral Shadows has changed my mind about them. While they have written catchier hooks, it's not nearly as prolonged sludge that kept me away from them. Not to say I don't love Sludge Metal, but in the past I didn't get Kylesa's take on it. This time around they found their niche. I hope the new albums continue to go in this route.

If you liked "Spiral Shadow", you really need to check out 2009's "Static Tensions" - it's a far superior album in my opinion. Having said this, I also liked "Spiral Shadow" a great deal, would rate it as their second best album to date, and would have given it much higher than a 6 (but that's just my opinion - I probably like sludge a lot more than you do).

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
24.) Bison B.C.- Dark Ages

Long gone are the days of these guys being refereed to as a Mastodon ripoff band. These guys have found their sound. Heavy, with tid bits of Thrash and Stoner. While the Mastodon Ripoff comments will never leave this band, Bison B.C. showcases that their style can not be fucked with, and only gets better with age.

I had never thought of Bison as a Mastodon rip-off band. I've always told people they sound a lot like High on Fire, though (because to me they do). I also think Dark Ages is a pretty damn good album.
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