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Alright back to work:

11.) Dead Letter Circus- This Is The Warning

There are a ton of Tool/Chevelle inspired Australian bands that have risen in the last few year. I will say Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool are the two best at it. Dead Letter Circus is bit heavier overall then Karnivool. Much more drum focus, which grabs my attention right away. But they write extremely catchy Hooks and keeping a very cool Post Rock vibe amongst the Tool/Chevelle comparisons. They might not make it big outside of Australia, but I will continue to support these guys through and through. They get it right.


12.) Kylesa- Spiral Shadow

Even though there are two drummers in this band and one of the hottest chicks in Metal. I'm not really into these guys much in the past. But Spiral Shadows has changed my mind about them. While they have written catchier hooks, it's not nearly as prolonged sludge that kept me away from them. Not to say I don't love Sludge Metal, but in the past I didn't get Kylesa's take on it. This time around they found their niche. I hope the new albums continue to go in this route.


13.) Holy Grail- Crisis In Utopia

These guys are absolutely insane live, and this album shows that they can kick serious ass in the studio without losing their live aspect. While there have been a ton of Retro-Metal bands forming in the last few years, I'm actually very happy in it's resurgence. No BROOOTAL Breakdowns or pig raping squeals, just Modern Thrash with that Classic Metal vibe. I love it. I hope these guys make it far.


14.) Hate- Erebos:

While these guys are good at what they do. The Polish Blackened Death Metal scene only has one band that matters. Behemoth. Maybe it's just because I'm spoiled on Behemoth to give this more of a fair shot. But I will say that while It doesn't have much staying power, it does have some nice Melodic Breaks and not always Brutal all the time. Which gives it a few extra points. Maybe after a few more spins I may find more to appreciate.


15.) God Dethroned- Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

One of the best examples of Death Metal ever.While I feel they don't get the cred they deserve. I'm willing to give them that cred. This album again showcases that it's not about the speed and brutality they make, it's about the song structure and how you can make the songs ever more badass. They aren't afraid to be Melodic and dare I say groovy at times. As far as Death Metal goes, This is one of the best of 2010 by far.


16.) Charred Walls Of The Damned- Charred Walls Of The Damned

Richard Christy back playing could this not be a mindblowing album? While my initial reaction to this album was best album of 2010. After repeated listens, while it still has staying power, does feel a bit lacking.Every song has a great catchy Melodic hook amongst the heaviness. But at the same time, that I can't seem to pin point makes it feel like it could have so much more. For a debut album it's one of the best debuts to come out in a long time, but I really am hoping for more on the 2nd a real tour.


17.) Eluveitie- Everything Remains (As It Never Was)

My favorite Folk Metal band are at it again, and I'll go on record saying this is my favorite album from them. While the Folk elements have been pushed back a tad, the overall songwriting feels a bit more inspired this time around, at least since Slania. When their upcoming tour rolls through town, they are the band I'm looking forward to the most. Every song is just as catchy as the one before it. I really hope this will not be their peak, they are way too damn good right now.


18.) Electric Wizard- Black Masses

A Modern Day mix of Black Sabbath and Sunn O))) with more Death and Drug references. I think that's a fair definition. This is definitely a mood album. You gotta be in the right state of mind for it. I'm never on drugs and I don't think about death much, so that makes it a bit harder. But the album as a whole is very damn good. And if you're not a fan of Droney, Doom Metal, this will not be the album for you. But if you do enjoy Droney Doom Metal, This is the best of 2010 by far.


19.) Mnemic- Sons Of The System

Ever since they released The Audio Injected Soul *I still consider it their peak*, I've been thoroughly disappointed with every album these guys make. Sons Of The System is not much on an improvement. They lost all the elements that separate them from the pack of Industrial influenced Metal. I'll go ahead and say and wish they would make The Audio Injected Soul Part II. The newer more mainstream style mixed with Meshuggah riffs like the last two albums just isn't it for me.


20.) Orphaned Land- The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR

Middle Eastern/Hebrew Metal that gets it right. While I'm not of the Hebrew faith, I really like the style that they incorporate with great Progressive Metal. And with Steven Wilson as mixer and playing keyboards, this album is on the right track. While I don't consider it their best album. I will say Sapari is their best "hit". I regret missing these guys with Katatonia back in September *i had a gig of my own*, and with the way things are going, I doubt they will be back to the states anytime soon, if ever. But at least I know they made a badass album to support.


21.) Demon Hunter- The World Is A Thorn

I gotta give these guys credit. They keep getting heavier with each album. Long gone are their days of the industrial influence and now they are a legitimate Metal band. I will say this is their best album, but at the same time, I haven't given this album much of a chance. The Christian vibe doesn't both me, being a Lutheran and all. But as a whole, I know most people will be turned off to it for that reason. Give it a chance, it's worth it.


22.) Solution .45- For Aeon's Past

This is another album I haven't given a fair chance yet. But as I listen to it, I do find it to be a better version of what Scar Symmetry could have been. While I still need to give this album a shot, I will say that these guys can make it far with their next album.


23.) Watain- Lawness Darkness

Without question, the best straight up Black metal album to come out this year. These guys stick with their message. Make Satanic Black Metal that kicks ass. That's what they do on every song. While I know they are getting a ton of shit lately from the Black Metal community, I think their next album will make or break these guys. I really hope it makes them. This is my kinda Black Metal.


24.) Bison B.C.- Dark Ages

Long gone are the days of these guys being refereed to as a Mastodon ripoff band. These guys have found their sound. Heavy, with tid bits of Thrash and Stoner. While the Mastodon Ripoff comments will never leave this band, Bison B.C. showcases that their style can not be fucked with, and only gets better with age.


25.) Halford- Made of Metal

Wow, I didn't think this one would pop up so quick. Besides the greatest track Halford made in the last 20 years, The Mower. This is the shittiest album I've listen to in at least 2 years *that referring to music I like to listen to* I don't know what the hell Halford was thinking. Halford's solo albums used to be some of the most kickass music in Metal, now it's gone down the shitter with horrid 80's style glam rock tunes. Again, sans The Mower, avoid this album at all cost.

1/10 *again only because The Mower is a good song*

*Well that's it for round 2, more likely tomorrow*
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