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Avantasia -- Pratteln, Switzerland -- November 30th, 2010


01.Twisted Mind (Tobias Sammet)
02.The Scarecrow (Tobias Sammet/Jorn Lande)
03.Promised Land (Tobias Sammet/Jorn Lande)
04.Serpents in Paradise (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske)
05.The Story Ain't Over (Tobias Sammet/Bob Catley)
06.Reach Out For the Light (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske)
07.The Tower (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske)
08.Death is Just a Feeling (Tobias Sammet/Kai Hansen)
09.Lost in Space (Tobias Sammet)
10.In Quest For (Tobias Sammet/Bob Catley)
11.Runaway Train (Tobias Sammet/Bob Catley/Jorn Lande/Michael Kiske)
12.Dying For an Angel (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske)
13.Stargazers (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske/Jorn Lande/Oliver Hartmann)
14.Farewell (Tobias Sammet/Amanda Sommerville/Michael Kiske)
15.The Wicked Symphony (Tobias Sammet/Jorn Lande/Oliver Hartmann)
16.The Toy Master (Tobias Sammet/Kai Hansen)
17.Shelter From the Rain (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske/Bob Catley, Kai Hansen on Guitar)
18.Avantasia (Tobias Sammet/Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen on guitar)
19.Sign of the Cross/The Seven Angels medley (All)
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