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Watain -- Atlanta, GA -- November 29th, 2010

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: November 29, 2010
Tour: Lawless Darkness

I got there about 2 hours early and was second there. Many people showed before the doors opened and left me hopeful for a good turnout. The opening band was some local hardcore bullshit that shouldn’t have been opening. Black Anvil started the show off right. There sound was intense and almost progressive sounding for black metal. They did play an Emperor cover at the end but otherwise I don’t have a setlist for them.
Goatwhore was next. Even though this is my fourth time seeing them, it was still fast and furious and full of headbanging, fist pounding metal. They always seem to pull out a few good older songs to change up their setlist.

This Passing Into the Power of Demons
Provoking The Ritual Of Death
All the Sins
Razor Flesh Devoured
Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
Carving Out the Eyes of God
In The Narrow Confines Of Defilement
The Black Art of Deception
In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath
The All-Destroying
Apocalyptic Havoc

After Goatwhore you could immediately start to smell something foul in the air and you knew Watain was getting ready. They brought out real stinking carcasses of dead animals and hung them on the candle holders so the smell would get all around the venue. They used some incense but that only seemed to intensify the smell of the rotten flesh. When they hit the stage is was like being at my first concert. They had such power and intensity that I couldn’t actually believe I was watching this amazing band live. They changed the setlist and gave us a selection of every album and each was magnificent as the last.

Devil's Blood
Total Funeral
Satan's Hunger
Reaping Death
Wolves Curse
Black Salvation
Underneath the Cenotaph
10/7 Cattle Decapitation
10/8 For Today
10/14 Symphony X/Overkill
10/21 Wednesday 13
10/23 Soulfly
10/29 Amaranthe

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