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MPF's 2010 In Review...A New Concept

I thought it over tonight, and I'm going to do something completely different.

I have so many albums from 2010 and I want to find a way to get all the albums I bought reviewed without being bored. That said I'm going to set my iTunes to my non-live 2010 playlist and set it on random. the first few songs that come up are the albums I'll review a day, until I get through them all or I run out of time. 5 is the minimum amount I'll do at a time.

Whether it is my favorite album of 2010, or the shittiest album of 2010, I'll review them as they are randomized. I'm still going to do the best/worst lists and yadda yadda yadda I talked about in the 2010 Thread, but I wanted to try this experiment first.

This collection will be from Soul to Satanic Death Metal, and everything in between :

Here are the first 5 randomized albums:

1.) Hail Of Bullets: On Divine Winds

This album is simply awesome. Simply brutal from start to finish, with a very nice war concept throughout. a great mixture of Thrash and Death Metal. The vocals are very reminiscent to Chuck Shuldiner, which is great to hear in today's music. One of my favorite drummers, Ed Warby is simply badass all the way through. Anyone who misses the days of Mid-career Death really need to pick this album up. It is very much worth your time.


2.) Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare

A lot of people this year are either going to have a huge hard-on for this album, or completely shit on it. I'm in the middle. There are a lot of great tracks on this album *Save Me, being the best* and a lot that just seem to be filler *So Far Way for example* With as many good heavy songs on this album, there is just as many ballads, which really weighs the album down. With very few exceptions, I feel no album should ever have more then 2 real ballads for that reason. Dealing with the drums. The more I listen to this album, the more I can't tell it's Mike Portnoy on drums. It honestly sounds like The Rev's last album. Being an Avenged Sevenfold fan from the time I saw the premier of Unholy Confessions on Headbanger's Ball. I can say they are musically at the top of their game. But as I said there is a lot missing on this album as well. I'll go out saying it's an above average album, but honestly either they have peaked, or their best is yet to come.


3.) Dark Tranquillity: We Are The Void

I can honestly say that there is only one other album this year that has disappointed me as much as We Are The Void *I won't say what that is until I review it*. It's not that Dark Tranquillity isn't an amazing band. They really are. But this time they seemed really hard pressed to remake the same two songs on this album, The fest paced Thrasher, and the heavy mid-tempo groover, THAT'S IT! Had this been just an EP, I'd say that did a hell of a job with the release. They really phoned it in this time. I'm hoping with the next release they will try to show more sides of themselves. I know they are capable of it, that's why I feel so let down this time.


4.) Judgement Day- Peacocks/Pink Monsters

There are shitty String Metal bands like Apocalyptica, and there are the most badass String Metal bands like Judgement Day. I saw these guys open for dredg back in November 2008, and they completely blew me away. Instrumental Sting *Violin, Cello* Metal That doesn't sell out. Peacocks/Pink Monsters is badass from start to finish. The production on this album is also very amazing. From the Brutal attack of Cobra Strike to the beautiful, soundtrack worthy 9 minute track, Genosha. If you love Metal with a real String/Classical edge. buy this album!


5.) Lair Of The Minotaur- Evil Power

This album is very Sludgy and very Thrashy. A good way to describe it is if Mastodon and Torche made a band a Testament inspired Thrash band. While some of the songs do start the same, at only 30 minutes, it is short enough to where it all feels right. When you're on the freeway and you need to get some aggression out. This a half hour of Evil Power that's worth putting on.


6.) Seventh Wonder- The Great Escape

I just picked up this album and I can honestly say I'm very happy I did. Original Progressive Metal that should have been made years ago. It is very sad to me that these guys will most likely never get biog enough to tour extensively. But if I could I'd do whatever it took to make sure they could get out there for everyone to see.The closing 30 minute Title Track is one of the greatest Prog songs my ears will ever hear. While not a perfect album. it is one of the best Progressive Metal albums of the Decade, without question.


7.) Texas Hippie Coalition- Rollin

These guys are filling the Hard rock void that Pantera's Walk set back in the 90's. While it is indeed Hard Rock, you can without question hear all the Pantera/Exhorder influence. I first heard these guys on a local rock radio station and was very impressed. The only thing that I can knock about this album is does get a forced poppy feel in a lot of spots. But the heavier tracks more then make up for it. Think of it this way. This is what Down and Hellyeah should sound like.


8.) Finntroll- Nifelvind

Heavy Folk/Death Metal. That should say it all. The keyboard tracks on this album give the album a very, dare I say Bugs Bunny soundtrack feel to them, but everything else is just as heavy as any European Black and or Death metal out there. It is an interesting blend but one that keeps you captivated throughout the album. For when you feel like partying with your viking buddies after watching Lord Of The Rings, this album should be the soundtrack.


9.) Paul Gilbert- Fuzz Universe

Of all the guitar virtuosos out there, Paul Gilbert is easily my favorite. His style is exactly what I love in a G3 style guitarist. Bluesy, groovin', Hard Rocking, and mind blowing all at the same time. Vai has always been too mechanical to me and Satriani, while not as bad of a violator as Vai, is close. Gilbert just plain does it right, and makes the album listenable all the way through without getting bored. That is very hard to do with guitar virtuoso albums.


10.) Stone Sour- Audio Secrecy

I didn't go into this album with much, if any expectations. I will say this. Had Stone Sour not made anything heavier then this album, I would say they are a great Alternative Rock. While there are some heavier songs, only the fact that it sounds more like a forced effort to be more radio friendly knocks some points off. The songs are actually pretty good. Mission Statement is actually almost a Metal song. And if I was back in High school, I'd even say Hesitate should be everyone's song at Prom. Overall it's a great Hard Rock/Alternative Rock album. Don't ever expect Stone sour to go back to their first album, and I dare say it, I'm ok with that.


*Stay tuned from when I come back from Blind Guardian for more*
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