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5.Opinions are opinions...If you don't like it then take it somewhere else. I don't like Death Magnetic...End of story... The only song I like is Unforgiven III and My apocolypes..nothing more nothing less.....The only time I went out to catch a breather was during the god awful "broken beat, scarred" "The Day That never Comes" "The judas kiss" and a couple a others...But I sure as hell didn't go take a break when they played "Shortest Straw" "Battery" and many other classics...

But thats good to know you don't take breaks during shows man and that you're not a sissy. More power to you
Woah there buddy, I was just kidding.

I hate Broke Beat and Scarred (if I were to take a piss break during the last Metallica show I saw..that would have been it). Kinda wish we had gotten Judas Kiss. But Death Magnetic is largely a great disc I think. At least I thought it much better than the latest Megadeth effort. All Nightmare Long I would put in my top 20 of Metallica songs its that good. There are some other good songs on DM but that song in particular is fantastic (and a hell of alot of fun live I might add!).
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