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Originally Posted by darkguardian50 View Post
100% agree. Who takes breaks during a normal length concert. Hold it, don't be a sissy.
1. I only took 4-5 breaks and This was the first time I ever took breaks at a concert(more importantly for a band that I came to see and watch)

2. I can let this slide since this was my 5th time seeing Metallica

To add what I was just saying earlier, not only was it my 5th time but this was my first time seeing them with shitty Nosebleeds(every other time has been pit floor) and it was hot as hell up there! Holy hell...Humid as fuck!!! And it didn't help that people right next to us and all around us where lighting cigarettes and weed, making the place even more sweaty and claustrophobic...I wish they could have kept that shit outside or something

4.I only took like one piss break the other times I just went out to catch a breather or smoke a cigarette

5.Opinions are opinions...If you don't like it then take it somewhere else. I don't like Death Magnetic...End of story... The only song I like is Unforgiven III and My apocolypes..nothing more nothing less.....The only time I went out to catch a breather was during the god awful "broken beat, scarred" "The Day That never Comes" "The judas kiss" and a couple a others...But I sure as hell didn't go take a break when they played "Shortest Straw" "Battery" and many other classics...

But thats good to know you don't take breaks during shows man and that you're not a sissy. More power to you
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