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Epica -- Milwaukee, WI -- November 28th, 2010

Venue: The Rave

I caught Epica's entire set and the tail end of Scar Symmetry's set on the webcast. Epica was great, very entertaining as usual. Scar Symmetry was really good also, although they were having some microphone difficulties and Lars Palmqvist seemed to be struggling to hit his notes. I know for a fact that he doesn't always have that problem and hopefully his voice recovers before they hit my town on Dec. 9th.

I couldn't find a set for Blackguard but I did find The Agonist's set on

Swan Lake
The Tempest
Business Suits and Combat Boots
Martyr Art
...And Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep
Birds Elope With the Sun
Thank You, Pain

The Iconoclast
Pitch Black Progress
Mind Machine
Ascension Chamber
The Path of Least Resistance
The Illusionist

Samadhi (Prologue)
Resign to Surrender
Fools of Damnation
Martyr of the Free Word
Cry for the Moon
Imperial March
Tides of Time
Blank Infinity
The Obsessive Devotion
Kingdom of Heaven
Sancta Terra
Mother of Light
Consign to Oblivion
10.01 Sonata Arctica
11.03 King Diamond
01.22 70000 Tons of Metal
01.27 Dark Tranquillity
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