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Darkest Hour -- Pomona, CA -- November 27th, 2010

Age of Iniquity
Pestilence Reigins (i think)
Dismantle The Dictator
Exhumed Identity

Veil of Maya
Crawl Back
Dark Passenger
We Bow In It's Aura
It's Not Safe To Swim Today

Darkest Hour
Intro (not sure)
For the Soul of the Savior
The Sadist Nation
Last Dance Massacre
The Tides
Veritas, Aequitas
A Thousand Words To Say But One
How The Beautiful Decay
An Epitaph
Into The Grey

so i go into the venue around 8:05 because the paper outside said Revocation would go on around at 8:10. so i get inside and they're just finishing up their third song. the show wasn't that crowded at all actually. kinda disappointing. i was disappointed to see the crowd not that into it, altough ReaniManiac got a good circle pit going on. anyways Revocation was fucking awesome live, i'll definitely try to see them next time they're around.

i missed Periphery because my friends wanted to finish drinking in a car. i saw Revocation after their set and they said they opened up with Unattained, and also played Age of Iniquity. they said they played another one but i'm not sure i think they said Pestilence Reigins. so 6 songs total for them.

i get inside and found out Periphery just ended. i did want to see them but they were the least band i was looking forward to see. and also i was talking to 2 of the guys from Revocation who were really down to earth.

by the time Veil of Maya was about to go on stage the venue still looked a bit empty. it was my first time seeing VOM. even though i like them i expected a lame crowd full of hardcore dancing, and that's just what they got; a few kids hardcore dancing in the pit. they did get one good circle pit for We Bow In It's Aura. despite the lame crowd i really enjoyed them.

even with the venue not being that crowded, people left after Veil of Maya so the venue looked even more empty. i felt bad it seemed like this show didn't sell that well. Darkest Hour still gave a great performance though. the pits were pretty dead the whole set except for Sadist Nation which was decent.

so overall the bands were awesome, but the crowd seemed like they weren't into any band on the lineup. everyone was just standing around not doing much the entire show. disappointing but oh well.
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