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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Go dude. You'll have a great time. I HATE SOULFLY. I just went for 2 reasons

1.Max Cavalera is God
2.Wanted to headbang and go crazy to some good ol' fashioned sepultura tunes....

HELL I didn't know one song they where playing off there soulfly catalog(I serioulsy tried my best to get into this band back in my early days in highschool and attempted again this luck )

But I gotta say When Max busted out the Sep tunes I WENT FUCKIN' BALLISTICS.

The best part of the night was during "Troops of Doom" the band stopped playing in the middle of the song, everyone in the circle pit stops moshing and just stands still.... right when they go into the best part of the song I run into the pit in the dead center, jump as high as I can in the air and kick my feet up as high as i ever could and the moment both my feet lands and touches the ground....BOOM everyone goes ape shit and the moshpit starts once was just so epic...Its like my jumping and the song commanded the pit to go back into its violent frenzies!!!! ok i'll shut up now...go to the show blitzkrieg, it was totally worth the 30 bucks I paid

EDIT: Max has really let himself go big time. Not trying to talk shit but that guy got pretty fuckin' fatt.....and holy hell was he high to the sky. Maxs eyes where pretty much closed shut the entire night...goddamn stoner
You should try and check out "Dark Ages" and "Conquer" if you haven't already. I was never a big fan of Soulfly until those 2 albums. Those are more thrash metal than their early nu-metal albums.
I'm still waiting on the day the classic Sepultura gets back together. It's been long overdue.
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