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I was at this show, and I have to say it was one of my favorite concerts ever. Chimaira's energy was amazing. Emil filled in great, and Mark announced Jim's departure, and that they didn't even rehearse with Emil. Emil just learned all the parts on his own and nailed it. There were so many surprises in the set. Cleansation, Impossibility, Down Again, and Lazarus!!! Highlights were the first two songs, Pleasure in Pain, Dehumanizing Process, and Nothing Remains. I still wish they'd play more from the self titled album. I don't think they give that album as much credit as they should. I think it is amazing. Lots of great songs. Loved to see Lazarus, but I would have preferred Comatose, Left for Dead, or Save Ourselves. But overall GREAT SHOW from Chimaira.

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