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Both eras have good songs. I never understood the hate Hagar's stuff with VH gets at all But wants more annoying is the Roth era nuthuggers. They got rid of him back in 1985, continued on and were successful with another singer, get over it already.

Anyways what about an evening with VH where they play two seperate sets with both singers?

With Sammy:

The Seventh Seal
Judgement Day
Why Can't This Be Love
Mine All Mine
Finish What Ya Started
Love Walks In
Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do
When It's Love
Best Of Both Worlds
Right Now

With DLR:

I'm The One
And The Cradle Will Rock
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Mean Street
Feel Your Love
Light Up The Sky
Beautiful Girls
Hot For Teacher
I'll Wait
Dance The Night Away
Jamie's Cryin'
Runnin With The Devil
Ain't Talkin Bout Love
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