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Metallica -- Chicago, IL -- November 17th, 1988


This was my first Metallica show. They were on the Damaged Justice tour and performed at the UIC Pavillion. I had all of their stuff by this point. What a great show. Every Meticalla show I've seen since this one just hasn't been as good. Maybe becasue this one was first or maybe becasue it was better. Anyway, thanks to those posting some of the older shows, it brought back a kick-ass memory!!

P.S. I'm certain the Queensryche opened for them. They had just released Mindcrime. I tried finding a setlist for it but could not. I'm pretty sure they did a (small) Mindcrime medly (which they would rehash a few times on later tours). I'm pretty sure QOTR, TLWB, THOTF, and WITS were in there as well.

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy!!



For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Leper Messiah
Harvester of Sorrow
Eye of the Beholder
Bass Solo
Master of Puppets
Seek & Destroy
...And Justice for All
Creeping Death
Fade to Black
Guitar Solo
Last Caress
Am I Evil?
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