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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
You know, I've never understood this. Why do I have to like shitty bands because they're from the same place I'm from? Every scene seems to have this "SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC" ethic where everyone is equal, and that's just not how it is.

I'm sure if Indestructible dug a little deeper, there's some good Buffalo bands. You don't have to like something that you wouldn't like if it was from somewhere else just because it's local. (Not the case with him, I know; he eats this shit up.)
I never understood that idea either. I don't like Stemm or HNMY because they're from here nor do I think I have to like them at all. I just happen to think they got some decent material and that's it. A few people I know who are on the street team of Stemm invited me to one of their shows with HNMY two years ago and I dug both bands. I don't listen to them a ton nor do I go to see every show they play around here because that would get boring quickly. I saw them a few times each on their last touring cycle and i'll probably see them a few times this go around and that'll be it.

The reason a lot of metal fans in the region know who they are is because they're the only two metal bands to make any kind of buzz around the local scene in a very long time.

I had no idea this thread was gonna spawn this long of a discussion
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