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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Interesting story, but honestly, I think that's a pretty silly reason to abruptly change the style of music you play. Kind of makes it seem like you're just doing what's cool or what you feel like doing at that moment.
True. Maybe the band was thinking about the change before that but I know Dime's death was what made them decide to change. It was the better decision musically though since it got them noticed more. They're a Jager band now and usually get a spot on that stage at a few of the Mayhem fests every year. So whatever the reasons really were it worked out better for them.

A friend of mine who was friends with the band also hung out with them and Dimebag that night. He told me that knowing they were among the last to share the stage, hang out and party with Dime before he died had a very deep impact on the band. I understand that completely and get why the change was made.
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