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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
HAHAHA these bands are so bad! Why is music like this still being made! Is there still a demand? Do they think they're cool infusing a little bit of Shadows Fall into their Disturbed worship? HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Well, at least he was just trying to get some decent local bands a little bit of notice with this thread. I don't see anything wrong with that at all. No one said that either one of these bands are reinventing the metal genre at all with what they play, as it's prety obvious they're followers of the genre and not goundbreakers. That's mainly the reason they'll both always stay local. As for the "Disturbed worship" i'm not sure where you're getting that from since I know neither band cares for them. Machine Head and Pantera are the biggest influences on Stemm while KSE and ATR are for His Name Was Yesterday.

Originally Posted by PlaysWithKnives View Post
Yeah, well if you don't like Stemm now, you should have heard them 10 years ago when they first started. I think they're good now actually. As for HNWY I'm kind of with you. They sound like your pedestrian metalcore band. I could care less. Other than a couple of other bands , its all Buffalo has when it comes to the local metal scene.
Yeah Stemm was an awful hardcore band when they first started out. They ended up opening for Dameage Plan here in Buffalo on what would be Dimebag's last show. The following night Dime was killed. Anyways they got to hang out and party with Dimebag after that show and in his honor after he was killed they changed to the groove metal sound. Which actually turned out to be better for them musically. Yes, HNMY is just standard metalcore stuff but I think they've got some good material anyways. They're probably not setting the metal world on fire anytime soon but they're solid enough at what they do.

Neither of these bands are even close to my favorite but if i'm the mood to go see a local metal show and these guys are playing it'll be an enjoyable night out.

Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Alter Bridge, Children Of Bodom, DevilDriver, Rob Zombie, Slipknot

I like all these bands, I just put Stemm and HNWY over them.
OK I know you sometimes post some fucked up stuff and I usually leave you alone about it but you seriously think Stemm and HNMY are better than those bands?
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