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Forbidden -- Montreal, Quebec -- November 22nd, 2010

so..i only have setlists for Evile and Forbidden since i got there a little late..usually concerts at the foufounes never start at the time advertised on the tickets, but i guess they wanted the show to end early on Monday..i asked around for songs played by gama bomb but no one seemed to know them at all..

When i got there Evile was already playing Infected Nations but im assuming it was there first song.

Infected Nation
We Who Are About To Die
Armoured Assault
Time No More
Enter The Grave

March Into Fire
Step By Step
Adapt Or Die
Omega Wave
Forbidden Evil
Twisted Into Form
Forsaken At the Gates
Through Eyes of Glass
Chalice of Blood
27/07 - Lich King
02/08 - Left for Dead/Citizen's Arrest.
03/08 - Negative Approach/Hoax
11/08 - Backslider
17/08 - The Sword.
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