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His Name Was Yesterday -- Buffalo, NY -- November 20th, 2010

I don't know how many people here know of HNWY and Stemm.
His Name Was Yesterday and Stemm are both local bands from Buffalo,New York. This show was to celebrate the release of His Name Was Yesterdays debute album(His Name Was Yesterday). Both bands played very well. Setlists may be out of order. This was at the Mohawk Place.
Fun Night

His Name Was Yesterday
Face The Truth
Where It Ends
Beneath The Lie
No More Tomorrow
It Always ends In Fire
Echoes of The Past
For What It's Worth
Goodbye To Yesterday
In Hell
Memory Of Me
The Ghost OF John Wayne
Again And Again

The Devil Walk among us
The Memory Remains/ Hollow(Pantera Cover)
Dead Inside(New Song)
Left Behind(New Song)
Blood Soaked
House of Cards

I might be missing a song in the Stemm set, I think they did something after Incomplete.
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