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SYSTEM OF A DOWN: i could totally see this happening. i'm not the biggest SOAD fan there is but i'd be stoked if they were headlining. i have a lot of friends who like them so if it's true i'd have a looooot of friends to go with.
TOOL, METALLICA: can't see them doing it.
AVENGED SEVENFOLD: would be interesting.
DISTURBED: they played '08 so i'd really prefer if they got someone else.
MEGADETH: i could somewhat see this but i can't see them headlining, maybe 2nd to last yeah
RAMMSTEIN: i could see this happening.
DEFTONES: as much as i love Deftones i'd rather have them not be on the lineup as they wouldn't really fit.


HELLYEAH: don't care.
AS I LAY DYING: would love to see this happen.
ALL THAT REMAINS: i'd be content if they played but they were on the lineup in 09 so i'd rather have someone else.
TRIVIUM: see above.
DEVILDRIVER: would be satisfied.
DOWN: not a fan but i'd be somewhat interested.
GWAR: would be really interesting, have always wanted to see this band live.


ARCH ENEMY: would love to see this happen.
SKELETONWITCH: not a fan but they're a lot of fun live so i'd be down with it.
CHILDREN OF BODOM: would love it if it happened.
DIMMU BORGIR: not a fan but might be interesting.
GOATWHORE: meh kinda bored me last time i saw them.
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