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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I wouldn't say that if I where you. After joining this forum last month I've learned this place is plagued and filled with die hard Iron Maiden fans(not saying anything is wrong with that...I love iron maiden, just not in the same level as pretty much everyone else here)....Just saying I probably wouldn't say that around here...I think the post above me is a good example of what i'm talking about...

Since you've only been here a month I don't think you should tell someone who's been here a year and a half what they can say or can't He isn't gonna get any shit for that because a lot of Maiden fans on here feel the same way. They play great live no matter what but a lot of fans would like to see some variety. It's never gonna happen though since that's never been Maiden's way. It would be cool to go see them and wonder if that night you might get to hear them do something different like To Tame A Land or Infinite Dreams but that's never gonna happen.

Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
This was the last of the "Death Magnetic" tour?...

Can someone please tell me something? Why is it when Metallica played in america back in 08 for there Death magnetic tour they would play about 10 to 9 old classics and the rest of it being there new album and some cover songs? Then when they went to Europe they give them all the rarities and gems that the U.S didn't get? Not only that but Metallica was playing WAY less Death Magnetic songs in Europe then in the U.S.....I figured with the recent sets in Europe before they head back to America for the 2nd leg of the tour I assumed they would be giving the same treatment they're giving Europe......I remember at the last show of the U.S for the 2nd leg of the Death Magnetic tour they played about 8 songs off Death Magnetic at our show and the Auzzies in Austrialia only get 3 songs?....what gives.....does metallica hate america

I wish they could have busted out Orion or Call of the Ktulu here back in 08'
09' during the death magnetic tour
The most they usually ever did off DM at shows was six songs. I don't believe they did any shows that had eight or nine songs off it at all. Europe is a different situation than America because Metallica plays festivals there. These festivals can draw 100,000 people or better as opposed to the 15,000- 20,000 they draw per show here in North America. Since there will be more "casual" fans at the European shows due to the huge crowds these festivals draw, Metallica sticks with the "classics" set there. With so many people, there will be a lot of them not familiar with the new stuff so the old stuff is the way to go.

Plus, they've toured North America way more than anywhere else so a lot of fans like myself, have had the opportunity to hear them play most of the old material through the years. Australia got special treatment because it was the last part of the tour and the band felt like fuckin around with the sets more and they haven't been down that way in awhile so I guess they decided to give the fans there something a little more special.
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