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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
dude have you read this yet?
I don't know about big 4 but check it out. Its 100% that next year whatever metallica is doing they are most definitely jumping on the band wagon
like most band these days and will play an old album in its entirety, anyone who wants do deny and yapper on and on with there "I wont believe it tell they release info" bullshit can shove it. Plus if Metallica is planning this so called tour that will rival "Pink floyds the wall" do you really fuckin' think they are really going to go back to playing random sets of songs after doing that the last 10-15 years in the U.S.....really???..(Though they did play MOP in its entirety....but that was in Europe back in 06' If I recall)

I'm not trying to compare bands or anything but since Megadeth and Slayer did the whole "We're going to play a classic from start to finish" what makes you think Metallica won't. Read that whole article. Its pretty obvious there going to do an entire album especially if there going to compare it with "The Wall" which was an album tour

Not to mention all these sets being posted here have one show with 6 songs off Master of Puppets. Then at another show the 3 songs that where missing from the other show are now being played at the next one ect ect...they're basically playing the entire album....its just not not in one setting(instead they're just playing a couple at each show...maybe testing it out for the America tour coming in 2011?)
Dude chill the fuck out. That shit is old news, before even the Big Four thing happened in Europe. If anything it'll be kept seperate from the Big Four if it came to the States. It kind of seems impractical to have a huge stage set that would probably take a long time to put together when they have four other bands opening for them.
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