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Best set ever? I would have died if I went to that one; let's see Disposable, Thing, Fade, Wolf, Leper UG III, Fight Fire, Trapped and of course KTULU

For fans of Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets that was as close to a metal wet dream as you can get

and is a rare treat

Say what you will about Lars he knows how to write setlists

EDIT: I wanted to post this off metontour it being the last show of the Death Magentic Tour
Here are some stats.... these 5 shows in Melbourne had over 75,000 fans in attendance. For all the shows in Australia and New Zealand, over 300,000 fans saw their favorite band play. Depending on who you ask, the stats may difffer, but this is what I have: The World Magnetic tour crossed 45 countries, 143 arena shows, 34 festival shows, 29 stadium shows, 4 club/theater shows, 3 tv/radio shows, 2 hall of fame shows, 3790 songs, and not a single setlist was the same.
Also the editor for their fan club mag did a piece on the end of the tour and posted it on the main page; good read
02/23/16-Black Sabbath
04/13/16-Iron Maiden

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