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Haven't really met any dick's either. Actually. Michael Romeo from Symphony X was about the closest but he wasn't a dick, he was just quiet. Russell Allen is an awesome guy, kinda intimidating cause he's fucking huge. And when I saw Therion I was talking guitar stuff with a guy at the merch booth who turned out to be Kristian Nemian, he came out early and sat at the merch table just practicing and watching the opening acts, which right there says alot about how awesome he is. Really cool guy. I got a signed album from Christoffer from Therion. Tryin to think who else. All the guys from TSO (I've met Chris numerous times and he is just such a awesome guy) and I talked for a bit with Alex Skolnick about his stuff in TSO and his legendary work with Testament. Awesome guy. Alot of the guest singers from TSO were extremely cool, notably the now deceased Diamond Darrel. What a voice that dude had and he was incredibly nice, and funny.

Oh a few others, Marcus from Blind Guardian I met briefly before the BG show at the Jaxx, very nice guy. He made a crack about Andre hiding in the bus which I thought was pretty funny. Angela Gossow, I came up to her after the show and said how impressed I was with their music, having never heard them before. She seemed genuinely appreciative to have gotten a new fan. Only briefly met Portnoy and Satriani but both seemed like nice guys, they were laughing and joking around with fans, which is always a good sign. I think thats about it for me.
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