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Gwar -- Hollywood, CA -- November 16th, 2010

If you havnt seen Gwar live at a show,then you've probably never had much fun at a show. I seriously felt like a little kid at slim time live or something. Me and RJ got there late due to buying anal lube,bumping hoobastank,and talking star wars;yes we were getting ready for GWAR!

We got there and The Casualties were getting ready,i saw these guy 4 years ago when i was 14. I felt so punk rock again singing a long to all the lyrics plus the new song from their new album(ive been wanting to see them live since the new cd). They still kick ass except singer Jorge Herrera is getting kinda old for screaming so at the end of songs he kinda sounded like he was trying to do death metal vocals. Still great tho. Of coarse there were street punx there who just went for them. Kinda lame if you ask me(this show was like $35 while you can see Casualties headline for less than $20.)

Set Included from my crappy memory(im sure this is it,not exact order tho):
Casaulties Army
We Are All We Have
Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Criminal Class
Rise And Fall
Social Outcast
Media Control
Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
Made In NYC
Blitzkrieg Bop(Ramones)
Heart Bleeds Black
Unknown Soldier

After they were done,the punks moved back while the white shit scumdogs moved upfront. We were all ready to get wet. Ive seen pics of ppl gettin only wet face to mid chest. I was wrong,as soon as Horror Of Yig started they chopped off two zombies heads and blood was getting all over my face. Aliens were murderd,Lady GaGa's tits were removed,and Orderus came on my face. GWAR is the best band to see live and I will try to see them again next year. Great fuckin show. GWAR is still amazing after 26 years.

GWAR SET LIST(thanks to
Horror of Yig
Damnation Under God
Hail, Genocide
Let Us Slay
Vlad the Impaler
Decay of Grandeur
The Private Pain of Techno Destructo
Crack in the Egg
Bring Back the Bomb
Metal Metal Land
Pure As The Arctic Snow
Beat You to Death

Zombies, March!
Come the Carnivore
A Gathering of Ghouls
Storm is Coming
Sick of You
4/3-The Aquabats
5/1-Full Of Hell/The Body
5/20- MDF 1:Incantation/Disma/Masacre
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