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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
WHAT!!!! Metallica played "Phantom Lord" when you saw them last year!?!?! What show? I went to the last show of there U.S Tour last year in December. Out of the 5 times that I have seen Metallica it was the most disappointing show out all of them....we didn't get any rare gems like you did or this Set that is posted

In fact they played about 8-9 songs off Death Magnetic alone at the last show I was at
I noticed they only played 3 songs off Death Magnetic for this show! What gives!?!

The only highlight of that show for me was "Trapped Under Ice" but that's not saying much. I would have much rather gotten something like Whiplash or Phantom Lord after enduring almost 2 hours of Death Magnetic songs, Cover songs and some "not so great" Black Album songs
I got Phantom Lord when I saw them last November
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