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August Burns Red -- Boston, MA -- November 19th, 2010

Truth Of A Liar
Thirty and Seven
Mariana's Trench
The Escape Artist
Back Burner
Drum Solo
White Washed

Same Set they have been doing the whole tour. They put on a really good show, a ton of energy and really fun. I showed up late and missed This Is Hell and Polar Bear Club, I kind of wanted to see This Is Hell, so that was kind of a bummer.

Emarosa is such a horrendous band. God awful emo shit and one of the worst bands I have ever seen .

Bring Me The Horizon sucked ass too. A little bit better than last time I saw them, but still pretty lame. Oli Sykes is a horrible,horrible frontman who just non-stop screams the phrase "circle pits you fucking cunts" about 50 times in a 45 minute set while a bunch of 14 year old screamed like they are at a fucking Justin Bieber concert.

Alright show because of August Burns Red, but not much else that I enjoyed.

Emarosa 1/10
August Burns Red 8/10
Bring Me The Horizon 2.5/10
11/28 ABR/ETID

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