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About 7 years ago when Maiden toured with Dio and Motorhead, a buddy of mine scored VIP passes which turned out to be fakes. We somehow got into the VIP lounge anyway. We wound up hanging out with Jimmy Bain and Simon Wright from Dio all night, they were awesome! After the bar closed, they kept going into the dressing room and coming back with beers so we could keep drinking. Also met Janick Gers and Dave Murray, they were nice to me but I think they were arguing with each other at the time so I steered clear after they signed my cd. Out of everyone I met that night though, Adrian Smith was the coolest. He had a drink with me at the bar and stopped security from throwing me out when they figured out my pass wasn't valid. Great guy, made me love my favorite band even more.

It seems everyone has had bad experiences with Dave Mustaine, but he was really nice to me and some friends when he probably shouldn't have been. We were at a Phoenix Coyotes game about 8-9 years ago and wound up sitting a few rows behind him. We got to our seats late, so he was already seated and we couldn't tell if it was him or not. We were all pretty drunk and started singing Megadeth songs loud enough for him to hear us, just to see if we could get his attention. He kinda half turned his head and waved, so we stopped. During the intermission he came up and introduced himself and chatted for a bit. I thought he was really nice.

I've met many, many musicians over the years and the vast majority of them are really nice people. Max Cavalera used to come into my friend's record store all the time and hang out and talk about old crust bands. Ross from Immolation remembers me everytime they come through Phoenix, as do the guys from Suffocation. Terrence had drinks with me and my friend at their last show here and also once wore my old band's shirt onstage at some huge festival.

I'd have to say the only guy I've met that was a jerk was Mike Ammott from Arch Enemy/Carcass. This was years ago, long before the Carcass reunion, when Arch Enemy were on their first headline tour of the US. They played at the now defunct Mason Jar with Hate Eternal and the Black Dahlia Murder. After the show we were drinking at the dive bar next door. When we went outside, we saw Angela Gossow, Sharlee D'Angelo, and Mike Ammott out back with a few other people. I had met Sharlee before so I started talking to him. He was always really nice, as was Angela. Mike kinda stayed away and didn't talk much. My friend is a guitarist, so naturally he wanted to talk to Mike, but he was being kind of a dick. When we were getting ready to leave, my friend posed for a picture with Mike and Angela, but Mike covered his face and stormed off after my friend showed him his Heartwork tattoo. Total jerk. I've heard too many stories about this guy for it to be an isolated incident. One of the bands on Carcass's US tour said they were all nice except Mike, who stayed on his bus the whole time and wouldn't talk to anyone.
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