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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I personally have no problem with crowd surfing. Surfing at a Watain concert? Well, that doesn't seem like a good idea... and crowd surfing to a black metal band doesn't really make sense anyway. But in general, it doesn't bother me. Yes, I've had plenty of people land on me, hit me in the head with their boots, and climb up my back to get on top of the crowd, but I see it all in fun. If you want to go crazy to one of your favorite bands, go right ahead. If you're up front for a show, you should realize that you're risking getting landed on. Just as if you're on the side of the pit, you should expect people to run into you at full speed. It's a show.
I've been on both sides of this argument many times, and if you are stupid enough to run full speed at someone at a show you should expect to go home in an ambulance. All rules that apply outside a show apply inside a show. Your paid admission does not excuse you from the laws of nature. Some people are simply not to be bothered no matter what, so mosh and dive at your own risk and retaliate at your own risk. Don't cry or snitch when you have to pick your teeth and blood off the floor for your short sighted impulsive decisions.
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