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So many to remember:

I've luckily never ran acrossed anybody that was a dick at all and that is very good thing b/c that would kill it for me and enjoying a band.

Elias Soriano (Nonpoint) - Met him twice. Very cool, 2nd time I introduced myself and I went to high school w/ a guy that did merch from them and then he was even cooler after that. Very nice guy

Andrew WK - Still the NICEST guy I have ever met in my life, maybe not even just bands but in life. Waited in line for him at Warped 7 years ago and when he signed my program he signed like a paragraph. And before I got up in line he stopped and thanked everyone for waiting and that he wouldn't leave and would follow people into the parking lot unti everything was signed. Just the nicest guy.

Morgan (Kittie) - Met her before a show like 8 years ago and didn't know what she would be like but she was super nice.

Scott (Terror) - Was a very nice guy as well, I waited around outside and waited for him to get off his cell phone and he was nice enough to get a picture w/ me. (Not a stalker I promise)

Marc Rizzo - Got to catch him on a solo tour and he was very personable and got a picture w/ him

Bobby Burns - Met him several times and also real nice and got complemented on my Helmet shirt and during a Primer 55 show a few years ago I think he asked while on stage if anybody wanted any gum and I had my hands up like a jackass and got a pack of gum from him. Beats the hell out of a guitar pic right!!!!

Barney & Shane (Napalm Death) - Barney was just hanging out near merch area and I got a picture w/ him and he was very nice and polite. Also got a pic w/ Shane after their set and signed my setlist as well.

Everybody in Divine Heresy minus Dino b/c I didn't get to meet him but after I bought their cd Travis was telling people to go sign the cd after I bought it which I thought was pretty nice.

During Anvil's set @ Rocklahoma 2 years ago some guy was going around saying Overkill was signing and I hauled ass over there and they were all super cool.

During Uproar this year I met Halestorm for my girlfriend since she wasn't able to and even though they aren't necessarily my type of music they were all very super nice. Probably some of the nicer people I've met in bands.

And my most star struck moment was getting to meet Page from Helmet at Warped Tour a few years ago. Only time I have ever really been nervous and worried about saying something stupid but he was super cool. And when they played he recognized me right up against the gate and got a pic as well.
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