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I've never really run into any complete jerks yet - I'm quiet by nature, so I'm not really offended when band members are reclusive. I hope it stays that way.

The coolest, though? Hmm...

- I agree with JuuKun in that Marco Hietala was ridiculously nice and very sociable - he was mingling with people everywhere at the bar, and when I asked him to sign a Tarot shirt for a friend, he asked if he could use my back/shoulder as something to write on.
- The Oceans of Sadness dudes were awesome to hang out with (especially Tijs and Guy), and I got them to autograph my shoe with no protest. They were quite inebriated.
- Bill from Illusion Suite was really nice, but I also had no idea that he was even in a band (as opposed to Random Dude at ProgPower from Norway) until I saw him walk on-stage, so that was... interesting.
- Also, Isaac Delahaye from Epica wins Ultimate Respect Points for taking a a photo of us with his cell phone in what must've been 10-degree weather in January. And then teaching me how to use Bluetooth on my cell phone so I could get the pic from him. HE WAS SO PATIENT.
- And as much as people rag on Blackguard, they're always accessible and super-nice!
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