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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post

Least Favorites/"Dicks":
-Al Pitrelli (Savatage, TSO) - seriously, what an ass hole. I've heard he's not always bad and I caught him on a bad day or something - but still, there was no excuse for how shitty he acted.
He signed my program after a TSO show and seemed pretty nice.

I haven't met very many people, but none of them were dicks.

Agent M (Tsunami Bomb)- Very sweet, and gorgeous in person.
Tom Gabel, Warren Oakes, and Andrew Seward (Against Me!)- All very nice, especially Tom, who was genuinely grateful to talk to fans. Andrew's a great guy; I spoke to him all three times I've seen them and he was always great.
Todd Kowalski (Propagandhi)- Very friendly

I'm EXTREMELY jealous of the people who've met Jello Biafra and Mike Watt.
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