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Couldn't hurt.

This is my ultimate Dream Maiden Set, based on all the songs I've seen them play, all the songs I want to see them play, etc. I had the decency to keep it SOMEWHAT realistic, since aside from the one new one, I only included 2 songs they've never played live. These are mostly my favorite Maiden songs I've never seen them do + a couple of staples/favorites.

01 Caught Somewhere In Time
02 The Evil That Men Do
03 Judas Be My Guide
04 Killers
05 Futureal
06 The Prisoner
07 Starblind
08 Die With Your Boots On
09 Sea of Madness
10 Flight of Icarus
11 22 Acacia Avenue
12 Sign of the Cross
13 Only the Good Die Young
14 Fear of the Dark
15 Iron Maiden

16 Alexander the Great
17 Phantom of the Opera
18 Hallowed Be Thy Name
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