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Originally Posted by coltongsmith View Post
Green and Black
Rotten to the Core
Wrecking Crew
Bring Me the Night
Thanx for Nothin'
Give a Little
Hello From the Gutter
Where It Hurts
Old School
Fuck You
Overkill (Motorhead Cover)
Fuck You Reprise
That's awesome you got the Overkill cover at your show. I saw this tour the first night in Rochester and we didn't get that, although that could have also been because it was a very late show and didn't let out until 1:45. I was really hoping to hear In Union We Stand, though! Oh well, hopefully next time
7/18 - Eagles
7/29 - Slipknot
8/10 - Down
8/25 - Van Halen
9/18 - Gwar
9/20 - Overkill
10/2 - Krisiun/Origin
10/14 - Crue/Cooper
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