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Shane West(Jonny Was,The Germs)-Really nice guy got me into some free shows,let me sing a lot of songs,and always made me feel like their favorite fan. Best guy ever.

Lorna Doom(The Germs)Really sweet lady who always remembers me.

Pat Smear
(The Germs,Nirvana,Foo Fighters)Quiet humble man,still polite

Don Bolles(The Germs,45 Grave)An insane but really awesome dude

Tony Cadena(Adolescents,ADZ)I met this guy when i was a kid! Still a really awsome guy

Flea(FEAR,Red Hot Chili Peppers)-Kinda Rock star-ish but was still nice enough to take a pic.

Jack Grisham(TSOL,Joykiller)-Too nice!

John Frusciante(Red Hot Chili Peppers)-Drunk but cool.

Marky Ramone(Ramones,Voidoids,Misfits)He thinks he owns punk rock or sumthen,dick

Tommy Ramone(Ramones)For starting the ramones hes really cool

CJ Ramone(Ramones)
He offered to take a picture and sign my stuff. Probably the 2nd nicest after Shane

John Cafiero(Osaka Pop Star)Nice guy,i took a pic with him cause i felt bad for him cause his band really sucks ass.

Billy Zoom (X)
Nice at first then got all pissy with me cause i asked about another member of X.

Joe Esclante(The Vandals)
My favorite republican. He told to jump over a gate to take a pic. Also cool on the radio when i used to call in.

Joey Bondange(Narcoleptic Youth
)Dude! A total Badass!

Mike Watt(Minutemen,fIREHOSE)He was so excited when i asked for his picture at warped tour. No other "punx as fuck" poser knew who this legend was.

Casey Royer(D.I.,Adolescents)Hugs me,complements my shirt,takes a pic,then hugs again.

Bay Cortez(Possessed,Sadistic Intent)HA! Nice guy for letting me hang out in his store and sold me an Anal Cunt cd. He still gave me a discount card for spending 60 bux.

LandPhil(Municipal Waste,Cannabis Corpse)
He was nice enough to let me take 2 pics with him since the first one was all fucked up. Really nice guy. Totally stoned.

Joel Grind(Toxic Holocaust,Tiger Junkies)
I pointed at him,he pointed at me we smiled as we walked away. My best gay moment.

Alex Webster(Cannibal Corpse)Really nice guy who took a pic with my friend and talked to us for a few

Neil Turbin(Anthrax,Deathriders)
Really nice guy and gets happy when u talk to him.

Katon W.De Pena(Hirax)Nice dude,very nice.

John Kevill(Warbringer)TOTAL COOL!

Mel Mongeon(Fuck The Facts)
She was kinda like wtf about me but eh she was pregnant so i dont mind.

Marc Bourgon(Fuck The Facts)Nice guy,gave me free stickers.

Chance Garnett(Skeletonwitch)Badass singer,badass dude

Phil Campbell (Motörhead)He was ok i guess. Not nice,not mean

Gio(Meciless Death)-Too wasted,too funny. Nice overall

Alladin(Bonded By Blood)-Nice enough to take a pic with,he will be missed!

Anthony Vasquez(Fueled By Fire)-Total Dick

Konan(Exmortus,RattleheaD)Let me have a free shirt if i let my buddy hit me in the face. Nice guy!
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