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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
lame. i wouldn't support a band that hits their fans while they're trying to have fun during a show. if a fan was starting shit with the band then then okay it's probably understandable, but the guy was crowd surfing and trying to have fun.
But I'm trying to have fun as well and have no tolerance for crowd surfing. I wish more bands would employ this method - maybe it would make jack-offs think before launching themselves onto the heads and necks and backs of people enjoying the show (moshing, head-banging, etc). I hate having to spend more time on the lookout for crowd surfers than watching the band.
If you want to crowd surf, go to a fucking Pearl Jam show.

I saw the Watain show at Studio 7 in Seattle (fucking awesome btw) and noticed the two fools who decided to crowd surf get soundly kicked by band members.
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