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Originally Posted by Fires Of Sedition View Post
1) This. Seeing them play Strength Beyond Strength just made me pissed off at the fact I'll never see Pantera.

2) This. They cut Bodom Beach Terror from the set for Tulsa for some reason, and it was the song I was most looking forward to. I NEED to see them play a headlining tour with Kissing The Shadows in the set.

3) This. I hate them all the time.

4) This. Never had any crowds worse than those in Kansas/Missouri.
Been to a ton of shows in the Tulsa area and I cannot think of 1 time where I had a show ruined or almost ruined or even to the point where I remember how bad a crowd was after the show was over. Obviously not all KC crowds are full of D bags but it seems alot of the bigger shows they seem to ruin it for me a little more.
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