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Some others I thought of:


Jerry Only (Misfits) - He signed everything for everybody after the show and was so very polite and kind. Not the asshole that Danzig makes him out to be.
Doyle (Misfits) - Very soft spoken and shy, but very friendly.
Tony Iommi - VERY nice!!!
Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) - Probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. The second time I met him was about 2 years after the first time. And he remembered who I was, what we talked about the first time, and where it was. The man meets hundreds of fans a day and to remember one in such detail blew me away!!


Dave Mustaine (or like I call Dave Cumstaine) - The asshole came out of the venue with 4 security guards and was covering his face with a piece of paper.
Janni Warman (Children of Bodom) - Stuck up asshole!!
Ralph Santalla (Deicide / Obituary) - I asked him for an interview, he pointed to my inverted cross necklace and said "Not if you're wearing that!!
Eric Hoffmann (Deicide) - Asked for a photo and he said "busy!" and kept walking. (it was 4 hours before the show)
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